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Rebranding a studio


A-Studio Interiors

Visual identity


Based in Kosice, Slovakia, the studio is mainly focusing on interior design for both commerical and non-commercial sectors. The studio with now almost 30 years of tradition decided to transform its visual identity to a more solid  appearence.


The name of the studio came from the first letter of the name of the founder - Andrea, but it is also refering to the first choice of plan, the choice of plan  "A".


A-studio old logo


A-studio Vertical logo

The nature of the symbol with its unusual cuts is rooted in sharp folds that are recognizable from collisions of architectural elements in interiors.

A-studio Logo symbol with grid
A-studio Logo inspirations interior design

Variations & Coloring

A-studio Horizontal logo
A-studio Vertical logo
A-studio Corporate main color
A-studio Corporate secondary color
A-studio Logo symbol inverz with gradient
A-studio Logo symbol with gradient

Visual identity

A-studio full visual identity rebranding
A-studio Business Card and Letterheading paper
A-studio Envelope with Logo
A-studio Rebranding Identity Business cards
A-studio Visual Rebranding identity
A-studio full letterhead paper A4 design closeup
A-studio full visual identity rebranding tubus design
A-studio full letterhead paper A4 and invoice design
A-studio full invoice design closeup


Visual identity

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